MDVita EHR Costs and Limitations

MDVita version 20.0 is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ATCB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Certification ID 140372R00 received on 12/29/2014. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

MDVita developer: Health Care 2000, Inc.

MDVita ver. 20.0 was certified in the following criteria:

   •   170.314(a)(1)  Computerized Provider Order Entry

   •   170.314(a)(2)  Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks

   •   170.314(a)(3)  Demographics

   •   170.314(a)(4)  Vital Signs, Body Mass Index, And Growth Charts

   •   170.314(a)(5)  Problem List

   •   170.314(a)(6)  Medication List

   •   170.314(a)(7)  Medication Allergy List

   •   170.314(a)(8)  Clinical Decision Support

   •   170.314(a)(9)  Electronic Notes

   •   170.314(a)(11)  Smoking Status

   •   170.314(a)(12)  Image Results

   •   170.314(a)(13)  Family Health History

   •   170.314(a)(14)  Patient List Creation

   •   170.314(a)(15)  Patient-Specific Education Resources

   •   170.314(b)(1)  Transitions Of Care - Receive, Display, And Incorporate    

                               Transition Of Care/Referral Summaries

•   170.314(b)(2)  Transitions Of Care - Create And Transmit Transition Of  

                            Care/Referral Summaries

•   170.314(b)(4)  Clinical Information Reconciliation

•   170.314(b)(5)  Incorporate Laboratory Tests And Values/Results

•   170.314(b)(7)  Data Portability

•   170.314(c)(1)  Clinical Quality Measures - Capture And Export

•   170.314(c)(2)  Clinical Quality Measures - Import And Calculate

•   170.314(c)(3)  Clinical Quality Measures - Electronic Submission

•   170.314(d)(1)  Authentication, Access Control, And Authorization

•   170.314(d)(2)  Auditable Events And Tamper-Resistance

•   170.314(d)(3)  Audit Report(S)

•   170.314(d)(4)  Amendments

•   170.314(d)(5)  Automatic Log-Off

•   170.314(d)(6)  Emergency Access

•   170.314(d)(7)  End-User Device Encryption

•   170.314(d)(8)  Integrity

•   170.314(e)(2)  Clinical Summary

•   170.314(e)(3)  Secure Messaging

•   170.314(f)(1)  Immunization Information

•   170.314(f)(2)  Transmission To Immunization Registries

•   170.314(f)(3)  Transmission To Public Health Agencies - Syndromic Surveillance

•   170.314(g)(2)  Automated Measure Calculation

•   170.314(g)(3)  Safety-Enhanced Design

•   170.314(g)(4)  Quality Management System


The additional software MDVita relied upon to demonstrate compliance, includes: Medi-Span, EMR Direct phiMail Server, MedlinePlus, PopHealth, Meinberg NTP.

The additional types of costs that an eligible provider would pay to implement MDVita ver. 20.0 in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures include:

·         Implementation & Hosting Costs for:

o    Cloud-based solution: MDVita offers a Cloud-based solution that includes hosting and implementation fees for a monthly fee; cost is per provider and/or provider location.

o    Cloud-based solution (RCM model): MDVita offers a Cloud-based solution that includes hosting and implementation fees for a monthly fee. This fee is a percentage of the total collected revenue and there could be an additional monthly fee per FTE (Full Time Equivalent) depending on collected revenue volume.

o    License-based solution: MDVita offers a license-based solution for a one-time software license fee per provider with additional fees for implementation. Additionally, there is a supplemental monthly support & maintenance cost; cost is per FTE. For license-based solution, hosting can be the responsibility of the customer or MDVita for a monthly fee per FTE.

On top of the implementation & possible hosting costs, this certified product-version could require additional costs for:

·         A third-party partner that provides patient-specific education (170.314(a)(15) Patient-specific education resources). Costs are a monthly cost per provider & the costs vary depending on the selected third-party partner.

Additional costs that may be incurred for this certified product-version:

·         Depending on the customer’s selected lab/imaging company & their current transactional volume, this certified product-version may require one-time or recurring monthly costs to establish interfaces to electronically exchange results. (170.314(b)(5)(a) – Incorporate laboratory tests & values/results, 170.314(a)(12) – Image Results)

·         This certified product-version may require one-time costs and/or re-occurring costs to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization public health agencies or any specialized registry. (170.314(f)(3) – Transmission to Public Health Agencies – Syndromic Surveillance)

·         Support & maintenance for integration of this certified product-version with other ONC certified systems may require additional one-time and/or re-occurring costs.

·         Depending on the patient’s preferred mode of communication, transactional costs may apply per SMS/voice message sent.

·         Generating and/or transmitting QRDA (170.314(c)(3) Clinical Quality measures – Electronic Submission) or other format file(s) required for participation in payer quality initiatives/programs may require one-time costs, ongoing service fees, and/or transaction-based fees.

·         Connecting to providers on other HISPs which are part of the Direct Trust Bundle may require ongoing service fees per provider. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(b)(1) – Transitions of care – receive, display and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries , 170.314(b)(2) – Transitions of care – create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries and 170.314(e)(3)  Secure Messaging.

·         Patient Portal. An ONC certified third party Patient Portal is needed to meet requirement for criteria 170.314(e)(1)  and 170.314(g)(1). Microsoft HealthVault may be used.

·         Depending on the customer’s needs, there may be costs for any additional services outside the standard agreement (such as additional implementation services, business analysis services, additional training services, etc.).

·         Additional costs can be incurred for storage in excess of 2GB.

·         Third party yearly fee for CPT Data File from AMA (American Medical Association) depending on users.

This certified product-version is certified to Data Portability criteria 170.314(b)(7) and can generate a set of export summaries for all patients. However, the ability to utilize the mass export functionality for Data Export is designed to work after hours. Additional Data layouts other than the CCDA may incur in additional fees.

The EP must sign an MDVita Software License & Support agreement and the term of the agreement is typically a One-year term which may vary depending on the customer’s needs.

There may be additional agreements that an EP must enter with a third-party vendor (such as a clearinghouse company, lab company, etc.) depending on the customer’s needs.

With regard to Technical and Practical Limitations, users will be required to satisfy the following requirements to use our system effectively:

1)    MDVita certified Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) :

CMS2: Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan

CMS22: Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for High Blood Pressure and Follow-Up Documented

CMS50: Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of Specialist Report

CMS68: Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record

CMS69: Preventive Care and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-Up Plan

CMS90: Functional Status Assessment for Complex Chronic Conditions

CMS123: Diabetes: Foot Exam

CMS124: Cervical Cancer Screening

CMS125: Breast Cancer Screening

CMS126: Use of Appropriate Medications for Asthma

CMS127: Pneumonia Vaccination Status for Older Adults

CMS130: Colorectal Cancer Screening

CMS131: Diabetes: Eye Exam

CMS138: Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention

CMS156: Use of High-Risk Medications in the Elderly

CMS165: Controlling High Blood Pressure

CMS166: Use of Imaging Studies for Low Back Pain

2) Supported Operating Systems:

o    Microsoft Windows 7 or later; Windows Server 2008 or later

o    Apple/MAC supported through RDP connection to dedicated MDVita servers

o    iPad, Android and other mobile devices supported through RDP connection to Dedicated MDVita servers

2) Processor: 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent (minimum); 2GHz Pentium processor or equivalent (recommended)
3) RAM: 2 GB (minimum); 4 GB (recommended)
4) Hard Disk: 32-bits system 600 MB; 64-bits system 1.5GB of free space

5) Internet Connection: High speed / Broadband connection highly suggested
6) MS Word 2013 for document capabilities (Office 2013 or higher)
7) Display: 1024 x 768 minimum
8) CD or DVD Drive: Not required